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Why Deploymate?

With every new iOS & Mac OSX SDK released, Apple introduces new set of APIs available for developers to use. But there's a small problem. When a developer wants to compile an app that is supposed to run on older OS versions, Xcode will alow them to use new APIs that are not available in that OS version. Xcode also doesn't warn developers about that causing the app to nicely crash when run on older OS. So far the only solution for this problem was simply... manual testing.

Deploymate aims to solve this problem by statically analyzing Xcode projects and source files to find such API usage and warn the developer before it's too late.
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About the developer

Ivan Vasic is a software engineer living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Twitter : @ivanvasic
Email: here
If you need anything that is not on this page, feel free to contact me.