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Current version 1.3.6 requires Mac OS X 10.7 and Xcode 6 or later

What is Deploymate?

We've all been there. Your app is targeting an older OS version and you have used an API introduced later than your target OS. Xcode didn't warn you about it, did it? Now your app crashes :|

Deploymate helps you identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete API usage in your Xcode projects

Step 1

1. Select your project, your target OS and run the analyzer.

Step 2

2. Review summarized scanning results show problematic API usage counts.

Step 3

3. Inspect specific warnings in a built-in source code viewer.

Step 4

4. Once problems are identified, fix them in Xcode.

Powerful source code analyzer

Deploymate features a unique source code analysis engine that will detect usage of unavailable APIs within your project and warn you early about them.

Now with command line interface

Run Deploymate from Terminal or hook it into your continuous integration server for even better workflow.

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Improved analysis speed

Source code analysis has been improved starting version 1.2 and is as much as 3 times faster than previous versions.

API warnings
API usage warnings

Find unavailable, deprecated or obsolete APIs for the OS version you want to deploy on. Run OS compatibility tests in no time.

Target analysis
Per target analysis

Deploymate will read your Xcode project and if you have multiple targets, you can choose which one you want to run analysis on.

Easy to use
Extremely easy to use

Deploymate is "point & shoot"! Just open your Xcode project, hit the "analyze" button and wait for the analysis results.

Source code viewer
Built-in source code viewer

Inspect your problems right away without leaving Deploymate in a syntax highlighted source code viewer.

Fix in Xcode
Fix in Xcode

Quickly open problematic source files in Xcode where you can fix the problem. Open files from the sidebar or main toolbar.

Integrated API documentation
Integrated API docs

Deploymate shows you relevant API documentation abstracts when you're inspecting a problem for better context.

Command line interface
Command line interface

CLI makes it easy to add Deploymate to Jenkins or any other CI for powerful source code inspection in your continuos builds.

Git blame
Git blame support

Find out when a certain problem was introduced and by whom. Every warning in Deploymate shows you git-blame information.

Results filtering
Results filtering

Easy warning list filtering in sidebar. Quickly filter through problems found with specific SDK versions or just do a fuzzy search.

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Requires Mac OS X 10.7 and Xcode 4.5 or later

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