Where is Deploymate 1.2?

Sunday, 28 Jul 2013

Many of you have been wondering when is the next Deploymate version going to be released and what improvements will there be. We were hoping that we would have the update released by now but it turned out there was quite a bit of work to do.

The reason for the delay is a major change in the app architecture which was required in order to lay grounds for a few features almost everyone was asking for (hint, hint). Starting Xcode 5 (iOS SDK 7.0 and OS X SDK 10.9) and corresponding Clang version, Apple fixed a few rdars needed to make Deploymate even better. Accuracy is much higher and the analysis is way faster than before (real improvement numbers will be advertised with the release). On top of that, the next version will have some very nice new features and its subsequent updates will bring a lot of new goodies and analysis customization options. One of the already announced features, dealing with false positives with #pragma directives, is already in place and working great.

Beta version is nearly there. Beta testers are always welcomed so please get in touch if you want to test drive the app once it's ready.

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