Deploymate will not be distributed via Mac AppStore

Saturday, 02 Mar 2013

Unfortunately, I have to announce that Deploymate will NOT be distributed via Apple Mac AppStore. MAS is a great distribution channel (no sarcasm here) but Deploymate couldn't comply to its sandboxing rules even though we have done our best to try to.

Deploymate needed only 2 entitlements:

  1. Permissions to read source files that specified Xcode project references
  2. Permissions to communicate with Xcode via AppleScript, to open specific files in Xcode

There is NO way to get the first one at this moment. There are rdars filled for this already (e.g. support project based apps), Apple has not made this possible as of yet. So, in order to work around this I have decided to annoy the users with "Open file" popups every time I needed their permission to read a certain file. Yeah.

As crippled as it was already, 'integration' with Xcode was really essential to allow users to quickly edit their files. However, for this I needed a different temporary exception. I have described the usage in every little detail, provided the code that uses this entitlement to show *exactly* what it does and how harmless it is. The answer from Apple after 27 days was short: "we can't allow this, find another way". Yes, Apple, I would very much love so if only Xcode provided a nice way to do that. That was kind of a dead end cause removing this functionality would leave this app totally crippled.

After short break, I have decided to leave the idea of MAS distribution. I will distribute Deploymate on my own in it's full and not limited state.

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