Dealing with false positives

Monday, 15 Apr 2013

Annoyances called false positives are soon to be gone from Deploymate. Thanks to your invaluable input, we have brainstormed the best way (so far) to deal with unavailable API's that are handled by developers in their code but still reported by Deploymate.

The feature coming soon in Deploymate v1.2 is based on #pragma preprocessor directives. Pragmas are used the same way Clang handles diagnostic/warnings suppression, that is, with stack-like push and pop commands. Simply, developers just need to push a #pragma command before the handled API call and pop it after and Deploymate will ignore everything between the two matching push/pop pragmas.

Deploymate pragma

Deploymate will, however, still continue to improve in a way that false-positives are detected in a smart way without the need for explicit pragma wrappers.

Stay tuned!

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