Deploymate v1.3.6

Sunday, 16 Apr 2017

  • Updated Clang to latest version
  • Fixed a problem with some multi-platform APIs not being recognized properly. (Thanks Sergej!)
  • Fixed a crash on license import on macOS 10.10
  • Fixed minor UI glitch on macOS 10.10

Deploymate v1.3.5

Sunday, 13 Nov 2016

  • Fixed a problem where macOS APIs were not properly recognized due to OSX -> macOS name change
  • Fixed a problem where macOS platform APIs were incorrectly reported as iOS platform APIs
  • Fixed a problem where xcodebuild command would hang indefinitely making Deploymate unresponsive
  • Improved accuracy

Deploymate v1.3.3

Monday, 19 Sep 2016

  • Update to latest Clang compiler
  • Better support for iOS 10.0 and macOS 10.12
  • Fixed invalid -miphoneos-version-min messages
  • Better handling of APIs with multiple platform availabilities

Deploymate v1.3.0

Sunday, 17 Jan 2016

  • Update to latest Clang compiler
  • Lots of under-the-hood engine improvements
  • Fixed a crash after analysis finishes in some cases
  • Fixed a crash some users experienced while scanning certain projects
  • Fixed a crash when an API has multiple platform availabilities

Deploymate update 1.2 brings command line interface

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013

We are proud to announce a new update has been released for the popular iOS & Mac developer's tool Deploymate featuring much wanted command line interface making it easy to run Deploymate via terminal or integrate with continuous integration servers for even better workflow. Analysis engine has been improved and is now up to 3 times faster than before. Deploymate is now available for all Macs running Lion 10.7 or later.

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Where is Deploymate 1.2?

Sunday, 28 Jul 2013

Many of you have been wondering when is the next Deploymate version going to be released and what improvements will there be. We were hoping that we would have the update released by now but it turned out there was quite a bit of work to do.

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Dealing with false positives

Monday, 15 Apr 2013

Annoyances called false positives are soon to be gone from Deploymate. Thanks to your invaluable input, we have brainstormed the best way (so far) to deal with unavailable API's that are handled by developers in their code but still reported by Deploymate.

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Deploymate updated to detect unavailable frameworks

Wednesday, 03 Apr 2013

Press release

Deploymate just got a updated to version 1.1 bringing some new features and bugfixes. The update features support for detecting unavailable linked frameworks, target analysis for minimum safe deployment OS version, support for older Mac OS X operating systems (10.7 Lion) and many other small improvements and bug fixes.

Read full post for more information about the features.

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Deploymate v1.0 is available today

Thursday, 14 Mar 2013

A great new tool for iOS & Mac app developers has been released today. Deploymate helps developers identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete API usage in their Xcode projects. Unavailable API usage will often crash iOS & Mac apps and the only way to find these crashes was manual testing. With Deploymate, this becomes a trivial task. Deploymate is now available for all Macs running Mountain Lion 10.8 or later for an introductory price of $9.99

View the press release: Deploymate launch press release

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Deploymate will not be distributed via Mac AppStore

Saturday, 02 Mar 2013

Unfortunately, I have to announce that Deploymate will NOT be distributed via Apple Mac AppStore. MAS is a great distribution channel (no sarcasm here) but Deploymate couldn't comply to its sandboxing rules even though we have done our best to try to.

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First demo video

Sunday, 17 Feb 2013

Deploymate gets its first demo video on YouTube and Vimeo. This short video demonstrates a simple flow of finding and fixing API availability issue in your Xcode projects with Deploymate. Enjoy!
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Deploymate's website is live

Saturday, 02 Feb 2013

Hello world. Deploymate's website is live now, here you will find all the info about the app as well as download links when it gets released.
Stay tuned for the first beta release of the app and if you want to help with beta testing, ping @ivanvasic on Twitter.