Workaround for running Deploymate Command Line Interface on OSX Server

Author: Görkem Karahan

You have installed license and get evaluation results on OSX Server bot integrations? This is caused by OSX running bot integrations on different private user(teamsserver) and your license is in your current users' home directory because of that deploymate might not find your license and give you evaluation copy results. To make OSX Server acknowledge your license:

First create a home folder for teamsserver if it is not already created:

$ sudo mkdir /var/teamsserver
$ sudo chown -R _teamsserver:_teamsserver /var/teamsserver/
$ sudo chmod -R 770 /var/teamsserver/ 

then copy your license from your user's home directory to teamsserver's home directory.

$ sudo cp -R /Users/"your username here"/Library/Application\ Support/Deploymate /Users/teamsserver/Library/Application\ Support/

to check everything is fine check if Deploymate License directory is in teamsserver home directory

$ sudo cd /Users/teamsserver/Library/Application\ Support/Deploymate/License

if directory is there and have the .dmlic file then you are good to go.


Some users are reporting the change of the home directory for the user running the process. If the above method fails, try using the directory /var/empty/Library/Application Support/Deploymate/License

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